Short Story – Bishko Asar


A short story by Anand Nepal in This is a moral story about human relationship and behaviour.

Read the story in the xnepali blog.

Bishko Ashar nepali story

Raddi Ko Tokari – MaHa Gaijatra


Classic gaijatra prahasan of Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya on the occasion of Gaijatra 2015.

Enjoy Raddi Ko Tokari.


Podcast 3 – Homeowners are not the engineers


This podcast is prepared in response to a the irresponsible rebuilding and retrofiting suggestions of Prof. Padma Khadka.

Podcast 2 – Safe and unsafe areas in Earthquake


Seismic zones are the zones that show how risky a place in terms of earthquake safety. These maps clearly say that Kathmandu is in high seismic zone. But, the earthquake of April 24, 2015 shows that some places have higher risks when compared to other places.

Can a map be prepared such that how much earthquake risk is to my house or the house I would like to purchase? Seismic micro-zonation maps can be prepared. But, can they be prepared to the scale such that individual houses can be identified as high risk area?

kathmandu map

(The above map is a representation map of Kathmandu valley, NOT a seismic map.)

Nepali Engineer Podcast – Code of Conduct, NEC


This is the first podcast of This podcast covers the Code of Conduct of Nepal Engineering Council. The code conduct is to be followed by every engineers practicing in Nepal.

The professional Code of Conduct is to be followed by all the registered Engineers of the Council and is subject to the provision of the Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) Act, 2055 (1998) and the Nepal Engineering Council Regulation, 2057(2000).

Eight point Code of Conduct is as follows:
1. Discipline and Honesty
2. Politeness and Confidentiality
3. Non-discrimination
4. Professional Work
5. Deeds which may cause harm to the engineering profession
6. Personal responsibility
7. State name, designation and registration no
8. No publicity or advertisement must be made which may cause unnecessary effect

engineering coe of conduct

A dog rescued from Thapathali Kalmochan Mandir

An excavator of Amar Construction was used to check if anybody was in the debris of the temple. Nobody was found in there but a dog was rescued alive in the debris. Photo and details by Mohan Krishna Shrestha.

The search and rescue was done on April 25.

kalmochan temple rescue - thapathali ktm (7)

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Guff 4 – New directors in Nepali film industry in 2071


Nepali film industry saw 20 new directors in Nepali movies this year. We discuss the success and failure of new directors in Nepali film industry.

We discuss the successful directors like Rekha Thapa, Saugat Bista and Ram Babu Gurung.

new directors in new year

Guff 3 – Nepali movies in 2071 BS, a year in review


On the occasion of New Year 2072 BS, this podcast is a review of the new movies released in the past one year. Each and every Nepali movies released in the last 12 months are analyzed. Three more movies to be scheduled to released in the last Friday of the year and hence are not covered in the podcast.
year 2071 films
There were more than 80 new movies released in the year. The source of information for this podcast is xnepali movie blog. The website keeps track of every new movie released.

Guff 2 – Ex-Prince Paras Shah arrested again in Thailand


Paras Shah had a very bad image in Nepali public. His behavior is also considered one of the factors in the eradication of royal rule in Nepal.

It has been quite some time since Paras has become a normal Nepali citizen. Living in Thailand for a long time with his Thai girlfriend, Paras, gets himself in trouble a lot of time. In a latest report he was arrested on possession of marijuana.
paras shah now and then

Guff 1 – Who killed Nanda Prasad Adhikari ?


Nanda Prasad Adhikari died while in hunger strike against the government. His and his wife, who is still fighting with death in the hunger strike, had demanded the government to punish the killers of their teenager son.

krishna prasad adhikari and his wife in hunger strike

Krishna Prasad was killed in Chitwan when he was visiting his grand mother.